The Short Reign of Pippin IV
book — USA — 1957

Public opinion isn`t more important than a dead rat. Critical opinion isn`t more important than a dead bug. My opinion isn`t more important than a dead me. Mr. Steinbeck appears to be a Nobel prize winner (in Literature, of course), but at least this book of his has no sign of literary genius whatsoever. According to what the critics say this is a comedical farse, a parody or something like that. Mr. Eristale is an amateur-astronomer living in Paris who suddenly becomes the king of France for because of struggle between the political parties monarchists take over and monarchy is restored in France. He doesn`t want to be king, for he`s a man whom nobody notices, who just wants to look at the stars. But suddenly he`s popular to the sky, although nobody gives him any power, he`s just a puppet. But the king doesn`t want to be a puppet. He wants to stand up for himself but he fails miserably and he is no king any more. The book is probably a very sharp political satyre of the French democracy, but it a) isn`t funny, b) sounds terribly dated, c) isn`t original. If a man who could write this unintersting could receive the most respected literary prize in the world this world just isn`t any good.
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