Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
film — UK — 2004

To start with - my expectations for this film there pretty low. What else could one await from a film like this? First, it`s a sequel. Second, I never ever bothered to watch the original film. Third, Bridget Jones - isn`t that this for-ladies-only film where you can see the world just like any woman sees it? Sorta "Sex and the City" style? To continue: I don`t know whether this is similar to "Sex and the City". Why? Because I`ve never watched a single episode of the series. To continue even further: the film wasn`t thad bad. Ok, it was a comedy that very rarely made me laugh. But - do I often laugh while watching a comedy? Not so often for sure. And that goes for good comedies as well. Bridget Jones`s relationship with Mark Darcy falls apart because of her thinking that she`s cheating upon her. So she has nothing better to do than to fall back into the hands of Hugh Grant (what`s the name of his character? wasn`t it Hugh Grant?). But Hugh Grant still is an asshole. And Mark Darcy isn`t one. That`s basically it. Of course, this is a romantic comedy. Of course, most of the jokes aren`t particulary good. But, since this was the next film I watched after "Meet the Fockers" I can compare these two films. In terms of actors the F word film was better. In term s of plot - I`m with Bridget.
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