Napoleon Dynamite

This is a rare thing when at the beginning of a review I`m not sure whether the rating for the film is gonna be good or bad. You see, Napoleon Dynamite is a weird film. It`s a comedy for teenies and partly about teenies, of course, but it`s not what you`d usually expect from a film like this. For example - there`s like a hundred situations in this film when you`re sure a stupid thing is gonna happen - for example that someone will receive a blow in the face, but then - it doesn`t happen. And another thing - for at least the first half of the movie it`s totally pointless. It just goes nowhere. Probably it`s because everyone in this film is a jerk (dork, freak) of some kind. Napoleon himself is just a weird looking and stupid acting flegmatic dude, his brother Kip (who`s 32 by the way) sits all day long in the chat on the web, Pedro is a weird mexican fellow with close to no emotions, and Deb - the girl, she`s like totally shy and flegmatic as well. It`s not too easy to describe the scene, for pretty much nothing happens most of the time - just like in real life. Well, probably, the film is good at doing what it tries to do. Probably not. I`m not really so sure.
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