Vanity Fair

Ever been Legally Blonde? Some of us may have been, while the others not. The leading star of this film certainly has - for she`s the one who played the lead in the film about the girl with not-so-dark hair. Reese Witherspoon is her name. The story - somewhat similar to Thackeray`s novel but with a few changes, the most important among which is the fact that Becky Sharpe is a romantic person. That`s a thing I don`t like, ok, she`s not over-the-top romantic but still she was this i-know-what-i-want character in the book but here she`s just not that strong. The rest of the heroes is probably similar to what I had imagined, maybe Amelia isn`t as silly as she was in the book but that`s only because nobody would believe nowadays that such a loser person can be possible. Of course, this isn`t much more than just a costume film. You watch it, you probably even enjoy some parts of it, and in two days you don`t remember what the actors looked like and you don`t even remember the ending. Ok, I`m a bit overreacting here, but you probably get what I`m try to say here. It`s average - no more, no less.
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