The Story of Nothing

What`s weird about German literature (ok, this one is Austrian, but there`s not that much of a difference between the writers from those two countries) - it`s that most of the books that I don`t like fall into two categories - they are either too boring and too trivial or they don`t make no sense at all. This one by Peter Glaser is one of the latter. There`s five stories in the book and not a single one of them makes much sense to me. It`s probably because they are meant to show that there is no sense to life whatsoever but they aren`t particulary amazingly written as well. In "The Story of Nothing" a man is looking for his missing aunt. "Nobody" is about a man and his wife that have different parted libraries - there`s one good thing in it that the man buys books for his cat to sleep in the book boxes but after that books end up in the cats house and the cat ain`t happy anymore. "The three body problem" is about a paper factory worker, his lover and his roommate. "Roomcare" is about a woman that cleans rooms for two men - and is a lover for both of them. "After a long summer" - I don`t know what`s it about, probably the summer of 2001 - just before September 11. I can`t this rate very low - I guess I probably did get the point that there is no point, but it`s not entertaining for sure.
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