Finding Neverland
film — UK — 2004

Let`s start with a simple question? Have I read "Peter Pan"? Have I watched a film about "Peter Pan"? Do I at least know the story of "Peter Pan"? Well, what do you think? Of course, I haven`t done single one of those things. So, watching this movie I wasn`t thinking all the time - oh my God - Johnny Depp is James Barrie - the creator of Peter Pan! My pants are almost wet already! Ok, let`s cut the crap! The film is a supposedly partly true story about how the idea of "Peter Pan" came to Mr. Barrie`s mind. He meets Sylvia Davies and her four sons, and the meeting is bound to change their lives. What surprised me was that this film had no developed love story - Depp and Winslet didn`t like even kiss a single time! That was cool I must say. No wonder this film is only PG rated! Still what was wrong with the film that it had quite much resemblance to Tim Burton`s "Big Fish", thus the originality wasn`t particulary high. But nevertheless the film is beautifully made and perfectly acted. What more can you ask for?
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