Notes from the snow time
book — Latvia — 2005

I`m getting a bit bored writing long reviews for things I have no interest in. This is a typical example - stories by a modern Latvian author, most of them have very little interest for a person that`s not a fan of Latvian literature. Of course, if you enjoy stories about the Latvian countryside or you are a major fan of descriptions about old women in a sauna and what advantages a big clitoris gives you, you won`t enjoy this very much. Probably this book isn`t about flat old breasts and sending SMS messages, but this still is pretty boring. There was a single one interesting story in this book - it`s entitled "The years of love" and it`s about a man who awaits a blue centaurus and by doing that misses his own wedding. But apart from that there ain`t very much to speak about.
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