Arizona Dream
film — USA — 1993

Emir Kusturica goes to Hollywood! Just like Frankie did a long time ago. But to my opinion Emir failed in the States. Ok, he got Johnny Depp and Faye Dunaway to star in this film, but this film still isn`t the best from Kusturica I`ve ever seen. And why is that? First, there`s very little interest in me for the characters - ok, probably Paul - the wannabe actor is interesting, but even Depp isn`t interesting to watch. What does the story tell? He is an orphan who`s uncle sells cadillacs, he meets Her who`s not so young and has a daughter of his age. He and She fall in love (sort of) and the daughter is jealous. The uncle dies. He is almost ready to switch from the mother to the daughter, but she commits suicide. And there`s also a partly developed story which came to Him in his dream - about some guys in Alaska and a fish. I had heard that this film had an amazing soundtrack - but I didn`t find that to be true also - ok, there was this totally marvelous song by Iggy Pop called "In the Death Car" plus the mexican "Besame Mucho" but that was it, plus quite a lot of Goran Bregovic songs which I don`t find particulary interesting. The audial material to "Life is a Miracle" is certainly better than this. Still, this isn`t really a bad film, it`s just nothing special. Oh, now when I want to add something to my comment: the behaviour of the daughter reminded me of a short film I watched something like a year ago, it was entitled "You killed me first" - and it was about as obscene as this thing, and really similar to Grace`s behaviour. Oh - and I remembered her name!
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