film — Yugoslavia — 1995

Emir Kusturica should only make movies at home, and not bother to become popular all over the world. I`ve seen four of his movies so far. 3 of them were done in Yugoslavia/Serbia, one - in Hollywood. And guess what? The one with the most popular actors and the biggest budget did nothing for me. And all the rest - they were just top class movies. "Underground" is surely the hardest to bear among those 3. First, because it is a film where war goes on the whole time. The characters are still what you would expect from Kusturica, but the circumstances are just dreadful. Marko Dren and Peter Cerny are two real good friends that are communists and fight against the fascists in WW2, it doesn`t mean of course, that they`d be great people or something like that, on the contrary they are sick weirdos, that don`t care much for the others. But it happens that Peter and a group of his people has to remain underground hiding from the nazis, but Marko decides at the end of the war that he doesn`t need to inform his pals that the war is over, and they remain underground for 15 more years. Marko and Peter meet again in the Yugoslavian war of 1990s, where literary a brother kills a brother and a friend kills a friend. Of course, I read that this film is a support of the Yugoslavian fascist regime of Milosevic - but I also read and knew that already that stupid people are stupid people. And Emir Kusturica ain`t a stupid person, but a great film director, capable of creating a drama of a very high level.
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