The Ladykillers
film — USA — 2004

Oh, dear, it`s the Coen brothers again! And this time they happen not having got George Clooney in the cast, but they somehow managed to sneak Tom Hanks in. What`s weird is Tom`s beard. I never imagined that he could have a thing like that on his face. But - he can! And it looks good. I gotta admit that at the beginning I thought he was the devil himself who went to ask a room from this nice old black lady, but I was proven wrong. He and his comrades from different backgrounds were planning taking a whole lot of money from a riverboat casino. And everything would be good if it weren`t for the black lady. The needed to kill her but not one of them could. Of course, there were circumstances to that, but she still happened to survive. What`s interesting about this film is that despite it being set in modern times of hip-hop most of the characters (except for the one played by Marlon Wayans of the Wayans clan) seem to be living in a world of yesterday. There`s a professor of philosophy (Hanks), there`s a mountaineer, an asian general and a stupid football player on the squad, and Marlon Wayans, of course. This film is somewhat similar to "O brother where art thou" in the fact that no one really gets the money in the end, but while that other film was inspired by "The Odyssey", this film here has a lot to do with Edgar Allan Poe. It`s funny, of course, because Coen brothers don`t do shit, it`s entertaining, probably it doesn`t have too much value, but it`s ok.
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