Million Dollar Baby
film — USA — 2004

I was just too lazy to review this earlier, for I had worse things to do, but no I can state my case clearly, if you want to listen. This film is done by Clint Eastwood, and he got a very good actor to play the leading male role in his film - a guy who once was popular in westerns, you know - shooting dice, taming wild horses and loving them big breasted women of the wild west. You want to know who this fine fellow is? It`s a guy named Clint Eastwood. Oh, he`s got the same name like the director! It`s so cool, man! Oh, no, it IS the director! Anyhow, Hilary Swank is a young (almost) wanna-be boxer and Clint Eastwood starts training her, despite the fact that he never trains girls. And Hilary almost becomes the champion of the world, but after an illegal punch by a german prostitute she falls into a coma never to fight again. By the rules of boxing in movies she is called the loser of the final battle, by the way, and the chick that delivered the illegal punch retains the title. You know how it goes. If the ending were a lucky one, you could say that this was a remake of Rocky. Although Eastwood does dig deeper, and he has Morgan Freeman on the cast. But even if Hilary Swank never became world champion she at least got her second Oscar in 5 years, despite the fact that she still holds only two good films under her belt. But the Academy works in mysterious ways, you know. By the way, this film is quite good but certainly not exceptional.
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