The Choir
film — France — 2004

Them French never change. It`s been 50 years since "400 blows" came out but they still do films about the cruelty of school. Of course, this film has nothing to do with "400 blows", but I still thought it a good situation for me to shine with my exceptional high IQ level. A middle aged unsuccessful composer ends up being a prefect in a school for children with problems - not mental or physical, but in terms of behaviour. Being a good fellow he doesn`t try to help them by hitting them with a big mallot on the head but making them sing in a choir. And there`s one child who`s exceptionally hard to handle but who happens to have a voice an angel. But the director of the school doesn`t support anything like this, because he`s an old fox and an old fart. This film doesn`t try to go particulary deep, there even ain`t no sexual abuse of the angelic singer in the film, which seemed to be a coming up thing. But someone this director ain`t no Pedro Almadovar (I don`t really know what`s the name of the director). It`s a nice French film, with some good choir singing, if you want to go psychological you`re knocking at the wrong door, but it doesn`t mean that the film is half bad.
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