I gotta admit that I`m a worthless prick who just pretends that he has some sort of good taste, intellect or whatever. Actually I`m just your everyday bum who chooses the Beatles over the Incredible Ubercool Underground band. And I also choose classical music over the crazy shite you can probably call modern classical. Although probably it`s about the performance and not about the actual piece. Nevermind, "Jenufa" is an opera by the czech composer Leos Janacek, and is supposed to very good. To me it wasn`t - I am not a particular fan of people singing without any sign of a melody and with no connection between the music and the singing. I also rarely find it entertaining when the music sounds as if it was intentionally played very badly, out of tune and by drunk musicians. The story of the opera is also not particulary smart - Jenufa is a young woman that`s become pregnant from her almost groom, but she has a jealous guy running after her. Anyhow, nobody except for the child is killed, but at least everyone lives unhappy everafter. Great, optimistic, ain`t it? I left before the last part. Who gives a damn?
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