The Village
film — USA — 2004

You know what the worst thing in life is? It`s spoilers. For example, you want to see the horror film/thriller "The Village". But one day a pal of your says: "Oh, that`s one cool film - especially when it turns out that those you don`t speak of don`t exist and are created by the govermnent!" (I hope you still plan to watch this film! mu ha ha ha haaaaa!) So, you decide nevertheless to watch it. And what does this flick prove to be? It has some quite horrifying images of the village. But to me every village is full of horror. And so is every creepy wood, even if there are no huge hedgehog-like creatures fiddling about. Ok, they don`t fiddle about, just wander, but who cares `bout. What are the disadvantages of the film? The fact, that the screenwriters didn`t add a second twist at the very end - it would be much more powerful had the creatures existed after all. But they don`t as a matter of fact. This film had James Newton-Howard doing the soundtrack. Not that it`s that important. Oh, to note the story - there`s a village of 19th century people that`s surrounded by a wood where those they don`t speak of live inside. But when a dude named Lucius is almost killed by a crazy fellow his blind girlfriend Ivy goes on through the woods to the towns for some medicine.
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