Shaun of the Dead
film — UK — 2004

Hilarious, man! Ok, probably this isn`t the intellectual kind of comedy you would predict I would enjoy, but it`s just so goddamn funny! Shaun is the average man in town - he has a lousy job, a best pal who lives with him and pays no rent, and has no life of his own. Shauns girlfriend ain`t happy with him for he`s too boring and useless, so she dumps him. And Shaun doesn`t even notice that at the same time dead people have arisen from their graves and started eating the living. But when he finally realizes that he picks up Ed (his pal), Liz (his former girl), two of her friends and his own mom. So they start their own campaign against the zombies. Basically this film is about the little details - LPs you can throw at a zombie that`s going to kill you and LPs you would never throw at anyone, a zombie doing the refrain to "White lines", etc. I liked it - a very good quality truly British comedy.
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