The Blue One

There is this kind of cow - the Latvian blue, and that is the blue in this play. Actually I`ve never seen a blue cow, only on a picture but some people tell me that they do in fact exist. Anyhow, there`s this fellow George who had a terrible accident on a road when he was driving a car when his dad and grandma were killed. Now he`s with his mom Rasma in Georgia, having a long time vacation and curing. Before the accident he had stopped the car to look at a blue cow, and now he`s searching in Latvian folklore for those cows. He is visited by a female friend of his, Linda, and her new twice-her-age lover Vidvuds. But his mom has problems with Linda. Anyhow, the main idea of the play probably is that children who don`t need anything are too spoiled and usually don`t know what they want. So, for a Latvian play it was quite good, I watched it in a very small place - something like 40 people were there, acting was good from 3 of 4 actors but Rasma was a bit over-the-top in my opinion. But it was still pretty good, and at least I didn`t get bored at all.
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