The Matrix: Revolutions

The final part of the Matrix trilogy. It`s something more than a year since this film came out, and only now I finally watched it. Was it good? Was it stunning? Was it so-so? Actually it was better than I suspected it to be, but not nearly as good as it gets. The machines are attacing Zion and only Neo once again can stop the war. He has to fight the evil Elrond from the Lord of the Rings a.k.a. agent Smith and his gazillion of replicants. And he has to lose his girlfriend Trinity, and his vision as well, becoming some sort of Hulk. Not Hogan, of course. And he kicks some ass, and he makes peace with the machines, and some of the heroes live happily ever after. Oh, and Morpheus looks like a pimp. So, I don`t get what`s the philosophy in all this, but it`s no bad action film for sure.
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