Super 8 Stories
film — Yugoslavia — 2001

This isn`t a brand new feature film by Emir Kusturica about gypsies or Balkan wars. This is a documentary about the members of his band "No Smoking Orchestra" where Emir himself plays the guitar. What I didn`t really like about the film was that there wasn`t very much music in it. I`m not that really interested in all lives of all Bogdan Misinovices who form the magical 8 of the band. I`ve seen quarrels between band members in films before, and stylistically "Super 8 stories" surely isn`t groundbreaking. You see, I tried to watch it as another masterpiece from Kusturica, but I couldn`t achieve that - it`s not a bad documentary, but that`s all that can be said about it. Music is, of course, brilliant. Oh, the making of nude photos of musicians with their instruments was fun.
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