The Best of the Muppet Show: Peter Sellers, John Cleese, Dudley Moore
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Knowing me as a sicko who`s just crazy for anything done by any member of the Monty Python flying circus, you can guess that I watched those 3 episodes of the Muppet Show only because of John Cleese`s performance. It turned out that he indeed was the only worthy thing about those episodes. Peter Sellers was a great actor for sure, his performance in "Dr Strangelove" playing multiple characters of that film was just excellent. But he doesn`t have a very funny part in the Muppet Show. Probably the only good thing about his performance was when Kermit introduces him as the epitome of Britishness and then says: "So we naturally employed him as a gypsie violin player." The rest is crap. John Cleese has two good sketches - one where he complains that he never works with pigs, and then another when he works with Pigs in space as a pirate with a stupid talking parrot. Dudley Moore? Who`s that fellow? I don`t know, and after watching the show I`m not so sure that I want to know who he was.
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