Play Zig Zag Zillionaire
music — Australia — 2004

I`m not particulary sure whether I have ever bothered to review a record by an obscure unknown one-man band from Down Under, where the only member is famous for participating in an other band which I don`t know anything about. This record by the Zillions contains whole 6 songs with the summary length of 22 and a half minutes. You say that ain`t very much? Well I say, knowing that that guy - Nick Craft - did all the playing on the record, and it ain`t no easy task for an Australian, why would he bother to write many songs? Out of those six songs "Don`t waste your tears on me" is probably the best one. Mostly this stuff is just basic indie rock, without any real surprises. It`s solid but it ain`t interesting, unless you`re in for every single indie band that comes around just because your average Britney wet-dreaming friend doesn`t listen to this kind of crap. I can`t think of many reasons why one shouldn`t listen to the Zillions, but neither can I think of one reason why one should.
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