Together We`re Heavy

I just love those titles most indie bands have. How can anyone write them down more than once? And remember them? You gotta be krazy with a kapital K to be able to differ between "Dogs die in hot cars" and "The flaming lips". Why can`t they come up with a simple title that anyone could remember? Like "Limp Bizkit" for an instance. Still this is one very strong record, never mind the stupid band title. It sort of has some reminescences of the rock music of old - having an orchestration like a sixties band would want it to have. Overall it`s very smooth and relaxing, althoug I would appreciate a bit more energy, but as a moody record its almost perfect. I can`t really say which of these songs are highlights, probably the opening "A Long Day Continues/We Sound Amazed" but probably something else as well. This record seems to me being a timeless thing if not music for every occasion.
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