Man on Fire
film — USA — 2004

I watched this film right after the experience of "the Son of Mask" or "the filmmakers sucked on doing their task", and this probably had some influence upon my attitude towards this film. It`s a partly real story about Mexican mafia people who are kidnapping people. Denzel Washington plays a man of criminal past who`s now a bodyguard for a little girl who`s father is a latino pop singer Marc Anthony (at least the guy playing him is Marc Anthony). When the girl is kidnapped and killed, he starts his own inquiry trying to get the people responsible for that. It turns out that the whole police of Mexico City is totally corrupted and there are criminals in every hole, but he does his task quite masterfully. I wouldn`t say that this film was unpredictable, not at all, but at least it was solid and was quite interestingly filmed. And there were no babies with super powers! That`s just a miracle!
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