Welcome to a brand new genre in my factoid - a theatre play watched not on the stage but on the screen. This was performed in 1987 by the most notorious Latvian theatre at the time - the Latvian Theatre of the Youth. So, this is a play by Gunars Priede, the same fellow who wrote "The blue", but this is surely his most famous work (in Latvia, of course, for outside nobody knows his name). There`s this woman who once was a teacher (before WW2) but because she was leftist she couldn`t go on with her job during the German occupation, neither could she do it after WW2 in the Soviet days (I`m not gonna say "Soviet occupation" just because I`m an asshole, so buzz off!). She met a man named Sergey who was a war prisoner and who was given to her as a servant by the Germans, something similar to love developed between them, but in the midst of the centrifuge WW and Stalinist terror brought there was no real place for love. The play was lovely performed, although a bit too realistically for me, but I know that no cool expensive decorations were available in 1987 in Soviet Latvia, so I won`t mind that, and the choice of the actors was also quite good. At least it shows history the way I want to look at it and not in the way it is seen by silly commies or silly Latvian nazis.
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