The Dreamers
film — Italy — 2003

This film spun a massive controversy because its very sexual content. That was probably the thing Bernardo Bertolucci was aiming for, `cos otherwise his new work might have been unnoticed. Mathew is an American student that goes to study to Paris in 1968 and happens to be there at the time of student riots. Yet he doesn`t participate in them for he rather plays sex games with Isabelle and her twin-brother Theo. All of them are fans of good films and music, and they live in a world of peace and boheme. Before watching this film I was informed that there would be quite a lot of sex in it, and it was. Sadly apart from being beautifully done this film hasn`t got very much else to offer. As a matter of fact I`d think that it is a perfect film for a person that thinks of itself as a film expert but actually isn`t one (me for example). There are references to films by Godard, scenes from some old films are shown and once you recognise one of them you think of yourself very highly. If you don`t recognise the scene you think that it only proves the greatness of this film. As for me, I`m not a fan of French new-wave, but "The Dreamers" seemed to me being just a kinkier version of "Zabriskie point". And "Zabriskie point" isn`t my favourite film either.
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