The Unquestionable Truth Part 1
music — USA — 2004

Limp Bizkit never was a particular favourite band of mine. I`m not really in all this new-metal shit, but even among performers of this not-so-hip-anymore genre I could name several others that I`d prefer to Fred Durst&Co. After both critical and commercial of their previous record, "Results may vary", which they indeed did, the bizkits have got their guitar player Wes Borland back and are now as powerful as ever before. The riffs are back and so is the anger, the only problem is that the songs aren`t very interesting, there`s not a whole lot of them and the lyrics are as dumb as a pet gorilla. You see, Fred Durst has decided that he`s a wise protagonist and that he must share his vision with millions of his fans all around the world. The only problem is that his vision isn`t particulary interesting - he raves and rapes about media being corrupt, about terrorists blowing up buildings and about pedophile priests. Basically Mr. Durst has probably thought to himself like this: "Those kids don`t love me anymore because I`m not as hip as I used to be. To know what`s in and what`s out I`ll watch some TV and writes songs about what I saw there. And they`ll be buying my hotcakes like rubbers." Probably they will, but I`m not that sure about it. Yeah, and Mr. Durst doesn`t have a good singing voice which can be perfectly felt on "The Surrender" where he tries and he tries but he fails just as Marion Jones does it right now.
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