The Piano
film — Australia — 1993

It didn`t take me long to watch this film - merely half a year had passed since I borrowed this film from a friend when I finally watched it. What were my prejudices to this film? First, I expected it to be too melodramatic for my taste. Then I`m not really a piano lover, and I was pretty sure that there would be enough of this instrument in this film. It proved that my concerns were true indeed. Ada is a woman that hasn`t spoken to anyone since she was 6 years old, and for no particular reason. She arrives to Australia to meet her new husband whom she hasn`t seen before. She also got a daughter, that does speak. Since the husband doesn`t care for Ada`s piano it`s picked up by a neighbour of his who asks Ada to give him piano lessons. As you can probably guess, it`s not piano what he wants. Obscurely Ada also becomes attracted to him and not to her husband, who becomes a bit violent and chops one of her fingers off. As for melodramatic elements there`s one huge positive aspect in this film - since Ada doesn`t speak she also doesn`t have hysterias. That`s awesome `cos hysteria is just one thing I can`t stand at all. As for the music it was good, probably this film won`t be a long-time favourite of mine, but it was good.
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