film — USA — 2004

This time I don`t know what to say. You see, I didn`t like this film at all. It was horrible. For a person like me I mean. I don`t really know why but I found everything about this movie disgusting. I may be just a stupid, stupid, stupid dreamy teeny weeny child but I don`t want life to be like this. I know that ideals are a thing of the past and that I should be laughing at myself but I can`t. I don`t find it particulary great that every character in the film has a somewhat "accident" sexual intercourse with another persons partner and after that becomes attached to that person. It`s like sex is stronger than love, and not only stronger but more important. Especially to the male characters of this film. I can`t identify myself, I can`t like anyone in this film, I don`t want life to be like this. Yet I can imagine that this could be a very sincere film that reflects life on earth better than almost anything else in this world. But I don`t want this to be a part of me, because to me this film gives no hope. And hope is essential. I don`t even know how to rate this film. On one hand I didn`t like it at all, probably more than any silly teen comedy. On the other hand the film is certainly good - both in terms of realism and quality of acting. So what will my final verdict be? Rate it as if it was average? But average doesn`t leave you so overwhelmed with emotions. Rate it high? But I hated it, I wanted it to end all the time, I couldn`t really bear watching it and only my attitude that I must go over this kept me watching. I`ll probably pick a random number between 3 and 8, who cares how high or how low, I want to get past this for sure. Oh, I`ll leave it blank!
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