Girl with a Pearl Earring

A very nice and quiet film about a girl who worked as a maid for Johannes von Vermeer. As a matter of fact this film has very little to do with "Diary of a chambermaid" but I somehow thought it would be appropriate to mention this film right now. Anyhow, Scarlet Jochansen and Colin Firth play the lead roles in this film. You can`t expect too much going on in this film, because the Netherlands wasn`t exactly a very much fun place back in the 16th century. Or at least we`re lead to believe that it was that way. What`s weird about the whole thing is that Mr. Vermeer don`t do no kinky stuff with his maid although a love story surely exists between them it doesn`t end up in hay, on the molbert or somewhere else. The film itself is like an art piece, like a painting. By the way, Scarlet really does look like the girl in Vermeers painting - that`s a huge plus for the film. You probably shouldn`t watch this one in a loud company, but together with your loved one it will be a real treat (by the way, I watched it alone, poor me...).
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