Pesni A.Vertinskogo
music — Russia — 1994

BG is considered more than a legend in Eastern Europe and especially in Russia. I`m not so sure whether Vertisnky is also considered that legendary, but on this record BG pays his homage to the legendary singer/poet. The album has very litle music on it, reminiscing some of the old records of Leondard Cohen, only without female backing vocals. Lyrically the record is very strong, and despite the fact that it`s not very entertaining there`s a real charme in the album, genuine poetry is what`s presented on here, and not some "house/mouse" rhyming. My favourite "songs" if they can be considered as songs are "A dog named Douglas", "Half-blood" ("I don`t need a woman/I only need a theme"), "To love silently". A voice and a guitar strumming is all you need to make a heart cry.
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