The biggest problem of most Weird`s records is the fact that he wants to be a songwriter himself and not just a guy who creates parodies of popular songs. And Alapalooza ain`t no exception. Among he own songs on this album we have "Young Dumb & Ugly" - quite a normal poodle-rock song, if nothing special. Franks 2000`` TV on the other hand is a stupid and boring song about TV - the most popular subject of Weird`s songs. "Traffic Jam" is an 80s novelty song, not particulary good. "Talk Soup" seems to be a cover version of I don`t know what. "She never told me was mime" is useless. And so is "Waffle king". At least the 21 seconds long "Harwey the wonder hamster" is good. Among the covers there are two very good ones - "Achy breaky heartsong" and "Jurassic Park" and one good one - "Bohemian Polka". The rest is forgettable. As a matter of fact, the whole album is forgettable.
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