film — USA — 2005

Dreamworks is the studio that gave life to Shrek. And Shrek 2! And it will give life to Shrek 3, 4, and Shrek: The Beginning. Sadly it also does other things than just making CGI with the green monstrous creature and that perfectly lovable donkey. Oh, no, they thought to themselves: if we can master a donkey, we`re sure smart enough to handle a zebra, a lion, a giraffe and a begemoth. Oh, no you can`t! You just suck at doing stuff like that! Who on earth thought that asking Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer and Ali G to do the vioices will be a good idea? Ok, Shrek had that silly Austin Powers person - but he never once went over the top, while Eddie Murphy goes over the top only in cases when it`s required (e.g. all the time). The plot on this cartoon is silly even for a cartoon, the graphics have about as many edges as few edges the script has. Most of the jokes are not only forced but also unfunny. The penguins and the monkeys are a bit better than the lead characters, but apart from that - the cartoon sucked. Ok, I shall not rate it particulary low since it`s destined to be watched by children, but remember that if it was made for adults it would probably be considered about as good as "Ali G in da house"
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