This Boy`s Life

If there`s one thing I didn`t undestrand is how could Leo di Caprio look in it as if he was some 13 years old, when in fact he was 18-19 when the film was being made. Probably due to some ancient injury he was only half a Capri-ee. Or I don`t know what. Toby who prefers to be called Jack lives with his mother who struggles between asshole boyfriends. When she finally meets a man who seems to be ok, she marries him and Dwight (played by Robert de Niro) becomes a new father for Toby. Sadly he ain`t a very good one, a military obsessed person with problems of alcoholism and agression he ain`t the nicest fellow around. The whole family settles down in a little town named Concrete, and it`s a perfect place for a child to be abused and suffering. Anyhow, the film ain`t really that heavy as you might feel right now. It sure ain`t no sugary comedy about Ernest going to camp, but it won`t make you cry in anguish either. The film is quite a good one, it keeps you watching until the very end, but it doesn`t make no huge revelations inside your head.
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