music — Germany — 1987

Probably it ain`t the best way to start a relationship with this weird German band. After all, 1987 is not a regular album but a collection of early songs (or versions of songs) the band did in mid-80`s. It means that I have no real reason to believe that this record depicts at full any stage of this bands weird career. Yet, be those songs outtakes or remastered demos or even a blind three-legged Spanish swordsmaster they are mostly good. The brand of music is a wicked mixture of Einsturzende Neubauten, Depeche Mode, The Cure and certainly Sparks. My personal favourite on this album is "Reincarnation" - a goofy song with lyrics going "There is no peace in heaven, there is no peace on earth" (and so comparing heaven and earth). "Battle of the ghost" in terms of vocals goes in the vain of "Propoganda" by the Sparks. Yet it`s possible that the Sparks took some elements out of German bar-room music, therefore it may be no clear lift. Of course, you`ll need some time to get through the weird arrangements and electronic sounds but the reward will be worth it. At least I`ve rarely encountered anything as interesting in the scene of German music.
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