Baltasar and Blimunda
book — Portugal — 1982

Boring! I couldn`t manage it until the end. Who cares that Saramago is a Nobel-winning author! Who cares that I like books about old times and that magical realism is not a thing I hate and despise. Who cares that some moments in this book are brilliant. Since it`s about as entertaining as watching your toenails grow (by the way: have you noticed that toenails grow about 3 times slower than nails on your fingers? now that`s a mystery and one day I will probably write an essay in three parts about this anomality). Ok, there`s Baltasar - a one armed soldier who has come back from the war, his woman named Blimunda, and a weird priest who all work upon making a flying machine that uses the will of people as its lifting power. If the whole story would have been written on 100-150 pages it would probably make a great book. Since Saramago went for the number of letters he wrote about 500 pages, using particulary long sentences and describing things about as amazing as a boulder.
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