Chetri krasti
music — Latvia — 2005

The latest from the greatest. If you consider "PV" the greatest Latvian band. At least it`s the most popular one. Or was. Or pretended to be. The new record contains 10 tracks, most of whom are somewhat optimistic, although you always feel a bit of depression in the optimism. Or I may be just a very, very sad and depressive person. I`m not a particular fan of the singer Renars Kaupers`s voice but in some cases it`s good enough for this pop-rock record. The highlights of the record are "Pilot Tim" and "Sunrise deep in hell". Ok, the second of them was known to me a long time prior to this record coming out. I guess I heard it a concert almost three years ago. Not that I mind. Not that I care. Not that it changes a lot.
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