In Your Honor
music — USA — 2005

Oh, yeah! Dave Grohl decides once again that he`s a singer and not a drummer and produces a new album of his band `Food Fighters, Car Lighters`. This time he`s decided to dump the formula and try something adventurous. Which means that instead of playing a whole CD of angry rock songs, he plays a whole CD of angry rock songs and adds to it another CD of acoustic music. The first CD of rock`n`roll ain`t a bad one but it`s not particulary memorable or interesting. It basically just is. What goes for the second disc, it ain`t that good either. Ok, it`s different. So what? It`s boring. A great songwriter Grohl never was, and most of his songs are about as distinguishable one from another as those of Leonard Cohen. Yet Cohen at least was/is a great master of lyrics, which Grohl isn`t. Probably the record ain`t bad either but I just can`t find anything about it what I should like.
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