book — UK — 1998

What on earth made me classify in this factoid UK as a whole country? Only my own stupidity can be blamed. Would I otherwise have to call Well a British writer? Hell, no! This guy`s from Scotland, and everybody knows that the Brits are usually considered to be English. And from "Trainspotting", another one of Welsh`s works we know that the English are nothing but wankers. What Welsh does is write in his Scottish dialect which is a bit hard to get for a non-english person like my humble self. All those weird words starting from `ken` instead of `know` and going all the way from that occasional `wee` meaning `small` you have to be alert that the language isn`t always very easy to get through. The story we hear is mostly the inner monologue of a corrupted cop named Bruce Robertson and of his typeworm who apparantely doesn`t have a name. The cop has to solve a case of a black guy being murdered but he doesn`t really care aboot it `cos there`s enough drugs, shagging and mocking his colleagues to fill his life with everything he needs. Basically Bruce is an asshole. Even if he has a somewhat positive attitude towards some person he still prefers to fuck this persons life up in a way only he can - because he`s a smart asshole for sure. He can be nice if he wants to because he knows how to play his little games. And the only thing he can`t really cope with is that tapeworm of his, who`s not letting loose. Although I hate the kind of person like Bruce Robertson and all his putting the beef in hoors (in the arse mostly) is disgusting the book still is a pretty cool one. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that Welsh is kinda a writer of limited capabilities - once he found his brand of writing he doesn`t get too adventurous sticking to the slang, to the drugs and to Scotland.
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