music — Moldova — 2001

This is probably the only band to come out of Moldova that`s at least a bit known outside its native country. The style of music can be at best described as some weird ethno-pop with elements of rap, rock`n`roll and a lot of other stuff. The closest thing to that can be probably Emir Kusturica and the No Smoking Orchestra. Why? Because the music is bound to make you shake like a jelly fish (a quote from "Crazy little thing called love" by Queen) and because the band doesn`t have no real musical virtuousos and the singer is kinda lame. But that`s surely a part of the show. Probably I wouldn`t care about the band, hadn`t it participated in the crappy thing called Eurovision. From this album a few tracks seem more memorable than the rest - "Hora cosmica" and "Videli noch" which is the only song sung in Russian.
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