Mr and Mrs Smith
film — USA — 2005

If you watch this film expecting it to be sharp and witty, if you`re in for a sense making plot, character development, memorable camera work, a perfect soundtrack and whatelse, you probably are a dumbass. Why such a conclusion? Since Brad Pitt is considered the sexiest male actor in Hollywood and Angelina Jolie who plays alongside with him - the sexiest actress in Hollywood, you`d probably watch this film from a different point of view than the latest Peter Greenaways work. And it`s no problem with me. If a film doesn`t have pretentious of being a flick for the intellectuals I don`t mind it being silly. Ok, the whole thing with two assassins living under the same roof as a married couple without actually knowing that the other one has a secret life, is a bit similar to chopping the tallest tree with a herring, but never mind that. It`s an adventure/comedy film we`re discussing and no smart ass director by the name of Woody Allen has been around for making this film. In terms of a quite sexy film about a man and a woman chasing each other with big guns and then making big love it`s a pretty good film. Unmemorable, of course, yet it has some quite sharp (for a film like this) jokes, a bit too little nudity (hey! way too little nudity!), but that`s ok, I think.
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