Dirty Diamonds
music — USA — 2005

What do you think - does Alice mean "balls" by saying diamonds? Well if he does, he`s a really twisted old fart at the age of sixty who can name his album "dirty balls". On the other hand, if he doesn`t mean that he`s still a twisted old fart. On his latest album Alice doesn`t sound particulary good, which is no wonder to me, since no album of his since "Brutal Planet" has had me particulary impressed. On this album he goes a bit retro, leaving the agression of late ninenties/millenium behind, choosing a more straightforward rock sound. On the opening "Woman of mass destruction" Mr. Fournier sounds like a man of around seventy who still tries to sound like a fifty year old. "Pretty ballerina" is a weird exception on the record (not in terms of singing, that`s a style Alice has mastered at manu stages of his carreer) but the whole romantic thingy does surprise me a little. Among other songs there`s nothing really outstanding (if only "Stand" with the stupid hip hop part). You can surely listen to this album but if you totally dig it you got to be out of your mind.
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