The Sign
music — Sweden — 1994

Some people call this band Abba of the nineties. This thing doesn`t happen to have no reasons behind it all - after all "AoB" just like Abba comes from Sweden, does poppy music in the Europop manner, relies heavily upon synthesizers (as a matter of fact, there seem to be no other instruments upon this record), the band also became popular on both sides of the Atlantic, the band contains two singing chicks and two dudes who don`t sing. I can probably find some more similarities but I find myself too lazy for that. Yet there`s one difference between these two bands that proves to be a significant one - while "Abba" surely had some fillers on even the best albums they at least weren`t offensively bad. It`s clearly not the case with AoB though. Apart from "All that she wants", "The Sign" and other three singles there`s very little this album can offer. And even the singles don`t offer that much - the vocal melody and the girls voices are ok, but generally there ain`t anything more than it. Music is generic dance pop, so cliched that at worst moments it sounds being created by using some cheap "Dance eJay". The non-singles tracks are just bad enough to be considered very bad. I won`t say that I haven`t heard anything worse than this record but there`s no real reason why I would ever listen to it again.
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