The Colossus of Maroussi
book — USA — 1941

Mr. Miller, according to "Space" (not the French but the American band) is "our local vicar and a serial killer". According to Latvia Mr. Miller is either an editor of a magazine of private dirty clothes and a person representing a sexual minority. According to the local tradition Mr. Miller is some guy who happens to like driving fast cars without a licence and who is a young architect. According to American literature Henry Miller is one of the writers that first introduced explicit sexuality in American literature. He and his woman that is, forgot her name. In this book though you don`t encounter a single appearance of words like `penis`, `vagina`, `pussy`, `cunt`, `boner`, `cock` or even `Peter Tool` (I only used these words so you can find this record of the factoid by using the search option on the site), oh no, this book tells the story of Henry Miller going to Greece from his native States. In there he undergoes a treatment of life that`s just like he always wanted it to be - poor and unambitios (not that he was a rich man before going to Greece). That`s one weird thing - I always thought of this fellow being a brat that doesn`t give a damn about anything. But it proved that in fact he was just a nice and mellow fellow that despised the American dream more than anything. Oh, and he didn`t like the French because of them being too pretentious about themselves. Not that this autobiographic tale is particulary entertaining, but at least it gets more and more interesting towards the ending thus leaving a positive impression upon your humble servant.
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