Original Soundtrack: Mr and Mrs Smith

I`m not really what made me listen to this. You see, I watch quite a lot of films, and I don`t usually listen to the soundtracks accompanying each and every one of them. "Mr&Mrs Smith" wasn`t exactly a bad film but I`ve seen better. Anyhow, the soundtrack is basically in the love-hate thematics and it`s done by various artists and not by some dude named David Horner or Various Artists (that`s a name and not "various artists"). Some of the songs were known - such as "Tainted love", "You`ve lost that lovin` feelin`" and "You are my sunshine". My favourite though is "I used to love her (but I had to killer)" - a positive hymn of a guy killing his lover. A lot of the songs have a banner "damned eighties!" waving all over them. As a matter of fact "Poison" is one of the bands that made onto this record - and it ain`t the only poodle rock outfit on the CD.
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