You`re Sexy When You`re Sad
film — Latvia — 2005

Oh my god! They make films in Latvia! They have already surpassed the "drawings on your cave" era and are actually making movies! That can`t be true. As a matter of fact, it is. And the film was kind of stunning. Contrary to the socialistic realism crap you`d expect from a film made in our piss poor country this is some alternative shit we`re talking about. If you want scenes of a lobotomy done upon a dead person, scenes of bisexuality, scenes of dead beggars - this is a film for you. If you want several stories about modern days Latvia, about what life`s really about and stuff like that this is a film for you. If you want shaky camera work, this is a film for you. If you want Elvis petting Pamela Anderson with Bruce Lee`s penis this is not a film for you. You are a sick idiot, man! How could you ever think of a thing like that! It drives me mad just thinking what it could be like being you. Oh, shit, I am you. How embarassing. See it if you can (the film I mean), if you can`t - don`t bother.
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