How to lose a guy in 10 days

I`d probably never watch this film if I had my way, since it`s a bit similar to "Cruel intentions" for even younger teenies than the original one. Yet being on a bus to Hungary I had no real choice. So I watched it. There`s this chick that works in a magazine quite similar to "Cosmopolitan" but she`s too smart, to intelligent and all that to write about hair styles and new shoes, so she wants to impress her boss and convince her that she can do much more. Yet she doesn`t choose an exactly smart way to do that - she tries to write a guide to women how not to handle a relationship. On the other hand a dude whom she meets and plays her guide upon is in a bet that he can make any woman love him in just ten days. So it gets all romantic. A few hopeful scenes, several partly tolerable jokes and that`s it.
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