Mar Adentro
film — Spain — 2004

Alejandro Amenabar was the director of a film that got one of the first records on my factoid - "Open your eyes". But "Mar Adentro", his latest, brought him even more acclaim than that film. He even got an Oscar for the best foreign film. Ramob Sampedro is a man who`s been paralysed for 28 years and who wants to have a right to die, but Spanish law doesn`t give him such a right. Now he`s found a lawyer woman named Julia that is also suffering from a disease that will kill her, thinking that she might help him. A weird love story starts between the paralysed man and the insultic woman. Some sort of Romeo and Julia. Then there`s Rosa, a simple working class woman that wants to convince Ramon that he needs to live. But Ramon says that the woman that loves him will help him die. Which one will it be - Rosa or Julia? The one that could die with him together or the one that will live on after his passing? The film isn`t only about whether it`s right to die if you want to, but about what`s worth in life and what isn`t. It`s so sad it makes you cry, and at the same time it`s so uplifting that you can smile through your silly tears.
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