Little Britain: Episodes 1,2,3

This is the modern Monty Python so they say. And it really has a bit of feeling that the Circus team had. Yet it doesn`t work quite as well. I can`t deny that the two guys behind this project do have some guts - they don`t care for being politically correct. They poke fun at the fat, they poke fun at the gay, they poke fun at you. Yet their jokes don`t seem to have too much diversity. The whole show is mostly based on a limited number of typical characters that do the same things in different situations. In MPFC you also had a bit of that but rarely beyond the limits of a single show. Here you`ll encounter a fat chick talking gibberish nonsense in most of the episodes (not that I`ve seen them all but I`ve read about it). The introductions to every show are quit cool though. For example: "Britain. We`ve had running water over ten years, and we`ve invented the cat." Have the Britons invented humour as well? Probably they have, yet being the inventors of football they aren`t that good at it nowadays. And it`s a bit similar with jokes and sacrasm.
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