Anthony Zimmer
film — France — 2005

This film tells a story of a man that just can`t be caught by the French police. He himself ain`t that much of a bad guy, of course, but he`s got a lot of dirty money and therefore the cops are after him. In order not to be caught he`s overgone a serious plastical operation so that even his girlfriend would recognise him if he were standing half an inch from her. Anyhow, his girlfriend (played by Sophie Marceau) has to find a lonesome man on a train in order to trick some russkies that are following her. It`s not really clear why she has to do that but who cares. So she picks a guy who works as a translator and who`s shy and simple and all that. She takes him into a world he didn`t even know that existed. Yet he has to pay the price of being considered to be Anthony Zimmer. But the chick falls for him. And in the end he proves to be Anthony Zimmer himself. Of course, it doesn`t make much sense considering his previous behaviour but who cares. Ok, this film is a no-brainer but I`ve seen a lot worse no-brainers than this one.
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