Plays Metallica by four Cellos

I would probably be annoyed if somebody called me a metalhead. I never liked any of those half crazy bands playing faster than hell, louder than hell and having vocalists sicker than the master of hell. You see, screaming over the top some shit about death and how good the dark lord is doesn`t work well for me. But Metallica is different. It relies more on music, and I never cared for their lyrics anyhow. Yet I doubt that I could enjoy a Metallica album as much as this LP by four Finnish guys. Why? Because they play all your favourite Metallica hits on cellos without help of any other instruments. Thus they transform loud and disturbing metal into loud and completely enjoyable classical music. If you did the same thing to any given Britney Spears track the results would probably be different, but metal and classical work together really well. "Master of the puppets" is my favourite song on this album, not that I wouldn`t like the original. Nobody would be interested in having all of "Metallica`s" catalog transferred into cello music but this one album is just perfect for such a thing. Had "Apocalyptica" chosen to re-do stuff like "St. Anger" it would surely come out as a disaster, but since most of the less modern Metallica stuff has some great things about it, it works amazingly well.
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