Wall Street
film — USA — 1987

One of Oliver Stone`s most famous films. Buddy Fox (Charlie Sheen) works in the stoke selling-buying part but he wants to become a big gun. In order to achieve that he has to get to Gordon Gekko (the notorious villain actor Michael Douglas) - a local multi millionaire who`s become rich as a pig just by selling and buying stuff. When he does that GG teaches Buddy how to play in the big game. It proves to be quite a dirty one, but Buddy is ready to do almost everything in order to becoming like GG. He gets a high-class chick, a high-class apartment, etc, etc. Only when GG tries to buy the airplane company Buddy`s dad works for in order to break it apart, Buddy can`t stand it anymore. By the way, Buddy`s dad is played by Charlie Sheen`s real father - Michael Sheen, that`s cool. So GG`s and Buddy`s roads cross again. And you can probably guess that it don`t end 100% well for Bud. A film about finance and brokers isn`t particulary easy to make watchable, yet Stone has done a good job with this one. Ok, probably some parts of it aren`t 100% entertaining but as a whole the film deserves little complaints from a fellow like me.
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